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Maximum Beauty 911 Natural Peel

NON-ACID, herbal formula that is more effective than traditional acids and that is equivalent to 15 microdermoabrasions without the use of acids or harmful crystals.

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Post-surgery Treatment

Beauty 911 Skin Lounge After Lipo Massage is a specialized center in post liposuction massage (Tummy Tuck, Mammoplasty, Neck Lift, Breast Implant) using a combination of Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Ultrasound Massage, Ultrasound Cavitation, Vacuum Therapy,

Electro stimulation techniques among others.

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Ultrasound Cavitation

Body sculpting treatment with no anesthesia, no scars, no discomfort, no down-time and presents a risk-free alternative to liposuction.

$79 per Session


Lipo-Laser is a non-surgical cold laser procedure that uses low level, laser-based light to reduce the stubborn, subcutaneous fat on targeted areas of your body.

From $79

Diamond Microdermoabrasion

This non-invasive treatment physically removes dull dead skin cells and lifeless texture leaving your skin fresh and vibrant.

From $89

Tripolar Radio Frequency

Tripolar Radio Frequency procedure is the only non-invasive, no-downtime treatment that delivers tighter skin, renewed facial contours and healthier collagen.

Starts at $99

Vacuum Therapy

If you really want something that will get rid of cellulite for good, you might want to try vacuum therapy. Besides getting rid of the cellulite, vacuum therapy may eradicate the possibility of fat getting deposited in the subcutaneous region in the future.

Starts at $89

Beauty 911 Facials

We have the perfect facial treatment for your skin! Call us to schedule your free consultation so you can get the best treatment for your skin.

From $89

Wood Therapy

This therapy represents a superior alternative to regular massages for patients with disproportionate, localized pockets of stubborn fat and cellulite.

From $89


The body’s natural current in combination with microcurrent, improves cellular regeneration, increases energy to the cell, and results in a healthier cell overall

Starts at $79

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