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Facial and Body Microcurrent

Natural aging causes muscles in the face and body to decrease in tone and tightness resulting in an overall droopiness. Microcurrent stimulates the facial muscles to promote tightness. Every cell in the body has the ability to function on an electrical level. Microcurrent stimulates the 30 muscles of the face on a cellular level by utilizing a low level electric current that mirrors the body's own natural electrical impulses. The result is overall tightening and firming of the underlying muscle groups with face lifting benefits. The body’s natural current in combination with microcurrent, improves cellular regeneration, increases energy to the cell, and results in a healthier cell overall Microcurrent is the perfect compliment to Diamond Microdermabrasion and Beauty Lifting911.

Microcurrent apparatus is gently moved over the surface of the skin in a methodical way to stimulate the muscles needed for tightening. We recommend 2-3 treatments for the first few weeks, then 1 treatment per week as results become noticeable. The treatment is typically one hour.


Ten to 15 treatments are recommended, with most clients noticing results around the 4 or 5th session. We recommend monthly maintenance once maximum results are achieved.

This treatment HELPS TONE MUSCLES of your body and face providing GREAT RESULTS!

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