Maximum Beauty 911 Peel

The Maximum Beauty 911 Peel treatment is a revolutionary, NON-ACID, herbal formula that is more effective than traditional acids and that is equivalent to 15 microdermabrassions without the use of acids or harmful crystals- but is still gentle on the skin. This natural treatment attaches only to the dead layer of skin and causes it to separate and peel way from the healthy layer below. The result is a healthy and natural glow.


Maximum Beuty 911 Peel is a natural exfoliation of the skin, is the best way to keep the skin  looking and feeling young. Excellent for hyper pigmentation. This peel will reduce fine lines and tremendously improve acne scars and will stimulate new cell growth. This product can also be used to speed up and heal bruising, and if used as mask this treatment is also an excellent treatment for acne.

This treatment helps the skin to exfoliate all excess build up of dead skin on the surface. It helps to produce natural collagen and elastic in the skin 13for proper moisture balance. Skin will regain glow and elasticity will firm the skin. The Maximun Beauy 911 Peel will minimize surface wrinkles, soften facial lines and resore the skin to a more youthful state with a fresher luster. The treatment will not only reverse the harm done to your skin but will reduce the impact of future damage. Dramatic results can be seen only after ONE treatment! 








Amazing Results!
Amazing Results!

Maximum Beauty 911 Peel
Maximum Beauty 911 Peel

Maximum Beauty 911 Peel
Maximum Beauty 911 Peel

Amazing Results!
Amazing Results!


Your 5 days after your Maximum Beauty 911 Peel


Day 1

Your skin will appear flushed and may feel a light, sun burn sensation when touched.


Day 2

Use your prescribe home care products as instructed. Your skin looks normal. (Aloe vera gel y bloqueador solar).


Day 3

Continue to use your prescribe home care products as much as needed to hydrate and protect the skin. First signs of peeling may appear. (Aloe vera gel and sunblock)


Day 4

Peeling of the old skin may be noticeable. You may want to stay home on this day. Apply your prescribe home care products.


Day 5

Return to the spa, where your skin care professional will perform the post treatment and applies special vitamin enriched ampoule and mask, revealing your new skin.


NOTE: During the first five days after your Maximum Beauty 911 Peel please avoid the consumption of seafood, spicy food and alcoholic beverages.

The Benefits


  • For all skin types and tones (men & women)

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles & hyper pigmentation

  • Thightens & smooths skin for a natural face lift

  • Reduce the appearance of acne

  • Anti aging treatment

  • Heals sun damage

  • Skin rejuvenation